Exploring Beautiful Historic Places and Beaches

Exploring Beautiful Historic Places and Beaches

Malaysia is a land of great diversity and contrasts- culture, activities and landscape. Whenever in the country, have you walked around Malaysia's world-famous historical sites? Some of them are listed by UNESCO. In the same measure, have you explored Malaysia's amazing 130 million-year-old jungle? Doubtless, there are lots of places to visit while inside the country. Think of the following exciting places that all contribute to Malaysia's beauty.

Please note that, in response to the Covid 19 outbreak, Malaysia has introduced several movement restrictions affecting all foreigners, like many other nations. We desire that all travel restrictions will end soon and that- once again- everyone can live a normal life, just as before. We also hope that, rather than merely restrict travel, world governments will allocate adequate resources to bolster medical health and alleviate the current situation

Malaca City

Malacca City is the well-known capital of the Malacca State. The city oozes with both culture and history. Since 2008, Unesco has listed Malacca city as a World Heritage site. The city, located along the Malacca Strait, is popular and attracts many with its excellent food, local architecture and utilities like the famous Jonker Street Market. The area was controlled by the Dutch and the Portuguese. The city has various other attractions, including the 15th century Malacca Sultanate; many experts consider this period a Golden Malay cultural Age. Other top attractions include the Dutch Governor's official residence (The Stadthuys), a Formosa Fort and the St. Paul's Church.

Tanjung Aru beach (Kota Kinabalu Sabah)

Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, might not seem beautiful at first. However, behind the buildings and malls, you'll find some beautiful orange sand stretches- you can reach the islands and the iconic floating mosque within ten minutes. You can also stroll along the Likas Bay, walk the islands and coasts, or move to the beautiful Tanjung Aru Beach to enjoy a spectacular sunset treat. You can have a brilliant day snorkelling at the refreshing beaches or drive a few miles away from town and escape to the untouched jungle.

Pinang Peranakan Mansion, George Town (Penang Island)

Have you ever visited an open museum? Visit Georgetown; this famous colonial district has many nostalgic British colonial buildings and churches. Indeed, Georgetown is more of a colonial district that also hosts Fort Cornwallis. When visiting, you're free to stroll around the streets and tour traditional shophouses that boast of different individual designs and styles. Most of the building's walls are decorated with murals and street art. The town has a history with food courts and temples (including the Kek Lok Si) and a vibrant shopping area. George Town also has the longest coffee shop in the entire country; yes, George Town is one of Malaysia's best places to visit.

The landscape of island and beach (Perhentian islands)

Off the Terengganu, coast is a small archipelago located in the South China Sea area of the Perhentian islands and its beautiful beaches. These places are considered some of the most beautiful in Malaysia. The area has seven islands; five of the islands are generally uninhabited-two others are called the Kecil and Besar. Some fantastic events to enjoy here include snorkelling,, canoeing and scuba diving. Take this cautionary advice: Try not to visit during the months of March-October; you'll find most hotels and guesthouses closed.

Danum Valley Forest

Do you fancy eco-tourism? By all means, visit the Danum Valley; you can't afford to miss this. Here, you'll have a memorable opportunity to tour the untouched jungle and enjoy its incredible biodiversity; yes, inside this virgin conservation area- measuring 438sq km- you'll find hundreds (possibly thousands) of delightful fauna and flora species. You may even spot clouded leopards, pygmy elephants, and orangutans among the untamed wilds. Other fanciful activities to be enjoyed here include an unforgettable jungle trek with experienced guides and night safaris. You can also visit the famous ancient Kadazan-Dusun burial sites.

The Zahir Mosque (Masjid Zahir)

Most tourists who visit the Kedah state usually spend much time in Langkawi. Regardless- the unexplored Alor Setar City, located on the South East of this popular island, is another must-visit place. The features on this central square include the Big Clock Building, the Sultan Museum and the Royal Hall. Just a distance away, you'll find the amazing 250 million year old Gunung Keriang- a limestone hill. You can move to the nearby Kuala Kedah region and rumble through the 17th century Malay fort ruins; this is the oldest fort in the city.